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ART REVIEW; A Tasty Morsel or Two From the Smorgasbord Of a Big Group Show

Published: January 1, 2006

LARGE, sprawling group exhibitions are like all-you-can-eat restaurants: There is usually too much available and none of it very good. But occasionally you hit upon something tasty and out of the ordinary, like Masha Ryskin's and Margaret Kimura's billowing fabric installation upstairs at the Westchester Arts Council Arts Exchange Gallery in White Plains. It is raw, inventive and trippy -- qualities that seem an embodiment of the condition of contemporary art now.

Their installation is part of ''Winter Solstice IV,'' an annual holiday season talent roundup shared, this year, between the Studio: An Alternative Space for Contemporary Art in Armonk, and the Arts Exchange. The combined two-site package is a handsome, dizzyingly eclectic sampler of the work of just over 50 artists gathered from the Westchester area and beyond. About a third of the artists are taking part in the exhibition for the first time.

The Ryskin-Kimura installation, titled ''Dusk'' (2005), approximates the appearance of a scaled topographical model; the folds, bulges, creases and dips in the fabric resemble the natural contours of uneven, hilly terrain. Here and there the artists have installed bound sheaths of cut paper, which in this context resemble buildings dotted about the landscape. Paper airplanes, or something like them, dangle upside down from fishing wire.