Yuko Kimura




I was born in Oakland, California to Japanese parents and raised in Tokyo.

I have lived in the U.S. since 1989. My American name is Margaret.

Artist Statement

I focus on working intuitively in the present; learning from the piece through the simple act of making. My recent work incorporates multiple processes, including etching, aquatint and dyeing with indigo on pleated or twisted paper. Most of the work utilizes old worm eaten bookpages from Japan and handmade papers that are made from Kozo, Gampi and Abaca Fibers. Transparency, form, and texture all take priority as I construct my two and three dimensional patchwork experiments.


"Material Handling: Cleveland artists whose medium is part of the message", CAN journal, Fall 2014 issue, by Michael Gill

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Dusk (2005): with Masha Ryskin
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Fragments (2000): Review
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Multi-Layered (2002): with Masha Ryskin
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